Just because you spoke out against an injustice at work doesn’t mean that you have to be punished for it in the long-term. The law states that you cannot be fired, demoted, harassed, or discriminated against because you complained to your boss, held political beliefs that were disfavored at work, or were involved in a lawsuit against your employers. If you have been retaliated against by being laid off, held back for a promotion, not paid in full, or any number of career related setbacks, then Meenan & Associates can provide knowledgeable and experienced legal assistance to you.


In 2011, Colleen Meenan took on the case of Wayne Spence, a New York State Parole Officer, who had testified before a sub-committee in Albany and criticized policies of the Division of Parole (DOP). Soon after Spence testified, he was demoted from his prestigious position as a firearms instructor. Then, after a pre-textual investigation of his off-duty employment, he was inappropriately suspended without pay. With the help of Colleen Meenan, he won a judgment against three DOP managers who participated in adverse acts against him. His case is a victory for first amendment speech, as well as a vote of confidence for employees who speak out against unfair treatment or harmful policies in the workplace.

In 2012, Colleen Meenan and Shelley Ann Quilty-Lake earned a victorious decision before the Appellate Division in the Second Department. The Appellate Court overturned a lower court decision and found that our client, German Del Rio, a paramedic assigned to the EMS division of the FDNY, has presented sufficient evidence that his employer and superiors had retaliated against him because he had filed a complaint of discrimination regarding his workplace treatment.