Health Care Proxy and Living Will

A health care proxy is an important document where you appoint someone you trust to make medical decisions on your behalf in the event that you lose the ability to make those decisions for yourself.  The health care agent you appoint should be someone you trust, as that person may one day be in the position to make life and death decisions for you.  The health care agent can be anyone you choose–it does not need to be a family member.  Health care professionals and facilities, such as doctors and hospitals, must follow the decisions of your health acre agent.  We can help you decide how much authority you want to give your agent,  and draft a health care proxy with those specific powers that you are comfortable with.

A living will is a document that sets forth your wishes and choices with respect to life support decisions, such as artificial feeding and hydration. If you are one day unable to communicate your wishes, the living will serves as a statement expressing your wishes and should be followed.  Sometime these are not easy decision for a variety of reasons.  Our experience can assist you in thinking through your choices and protecting those choices in the future.