Use of Hearing Aids In Police Work Buttressed By Amicus Brief

Faced with an “unusual” request, federal Judge Katherine Polk Failla permitted AARP, the Hearing Loss Association of America and Veterans United For Truth to submit their views to the Court on issues relevant to a case scheduled before a jury for trial on March 9.  Former police officers Jim Phillips and Dan Carione are challenging the New York City Police Department’s decision to ban the use of hearing aids by officers.  This decision forced each of these officers to retire from service after they required the use of hearing aids to address job related hearing loss.  In a blow to the defense, Judge Failla permitted the above groups to be heard by the Court based on their representation of “people who disproportionately suffer from hearing loss and, therefore, are interested perhaps more than the average person about the way in which these cases are resolved.”

The information provided to the Court addresses the capabilities of modern hearing aids, other law enforcement agencies which permit the use of hearing aids, and how the current NYPD policy “incentivizes officers to hide their hearing difficulties.”

“We are thrilled”, attorney Meenan confirmed in addressing the Court’s ruling.  The trial commences on Monday, March 9, 2015 in the courtroom of Judge Katherine Polk Failla, United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

For more information, see link: 2.13.15 Amicus